Eternal Success Syllabus

Abdullah’s animals

In the heart of the Indonesian jungle there was a huge towering Mangosteen tree growing delicious Mangosteen fruits. Halfway up the tree, around 10 metres high, there was a beautiful wooden treehouse and inside the treehouse lived Abdullah.  The jungle animals loved Abdullah very much because he would look after them when they weren’t feeling well, he would respect them, protect them and above all, he would recite Qur’an. And animals love to hear Qur’an!

One day, Abdullah was sat up in his treehouse with his feet dangling down. He was drinking a cup of sweet Mangosteen tea from a coconut shell and reciting surah al Feel when he heard a noise in the trees below. He jumped up quickly and hide behind the leaf canopy to see who was approaching. Branches snapped and birds flew higher up into the trees as a grand grey elephant (فِيلِ) marched steadily into the clearing below. Abdullah watching quietly as the فِيلِ used his great trunk to pull the leaves of trees and stuff them happily into his mouth. After a minute or so, Abdullah begin climbing quietly down from his treehouse.

Soon he was sat on a branch not far from the فِيلِ and he waited for the graceful animal to turn around and notice him. Eventually the فِيلِ turned to face Abdullah and a great smile lit up his soft eyes.

“Assalaamo’alaikum dear   فِيلِ!” exclaimed Abdullah joyfully.

“What news is there in the jungle today? Is there anyone I can help? Anyone who needs a friend?”

The فِيلِ lowered his head slowly and then began to bend his legs till he was down on the ground. He waited patiently as Abdullah climbed onto his strong back and began walking between the trees.

As they walked Abdullah read Surah al Feel.

Just as he had finished reciting the surah they heard a sound ahead. There was a soft hissing and Abdullah smiled again to see a snake (ثُعْبَانٌ) winding his long body down from a tree in front of them.

“Assalaamo’alaikum ثُعْبَانٌ!” cried Abdullah.

“You seem to have grown even longer and stronger mashaAllah! You remind me of the gigantic ثُعْبَانٌ that ate up the snakes of the magicians. The ثُعْبَانٌ that Allah made out of the stick of Musa alay Sallaam!”

The snake seemed happily with this compliment as it nodded it’s head and disappeared into the branches above.

“  فِيلِ is looking for his next meal and ثُعْبَانٌ is very calm,” rhymed Abdullah thoughtfully.

فِيلِ  trumpeted his trunk with approval at the rhyme and continued  on through the forest.

A few moments later, as فِيلِ stopped for a snack. Abdullah grabbed a branch above and hopped down the tree onto the ground. He bent down and observed a group of busy ants (نمل) as they bustled hurriedly across the jungle floor.

“  فِيلِ is looking for his next meal, ثُعْبَانٌ is very calm and the نمل have made a leaf transport channel!”

Abdullah jumped as a loud noise came from the tree above. He put his hand on فِيلِ for comfort as he looked up and saw, to his delight, the hoopoe (هُدْهُدَ) bird, calling out to him. With a sudden thud, the هُدْهُدَ bird knocked a rambutan fruit off the branch next to him, as a gift for Abullah.  

“ Jazahkallahu kheiran!” called Abdullah as he excitedly unpeeled the delicious fruit. Then he said “ فِيلِ is looking for his next meal, ثُعْبَانٌ is very calm , the نمل have made a leaf transport channel and هُدْهُدَ gave me some pudpud!” He was so happy with his last line that he burst out into peels of laughter.

He patted the فِيلِ to say thank you as he wondered back to his treehouse to pray dhuhr salaah. As he went, he said to himself. فِيلِ is looking for his next meal, ثُعْبَانٌ is very calm , the نمل have made a leaf transport channel and هُدْهُدَ gave me some pudpud!

Qur’an recitation from dear Hamza, may Allah grant you and your family ad Firdaus. Can be found here: