Eternal Success Syllabus

About Us

In the name of Allah, The Entirely Merciful, The Especially Merciful.

I have always enjoyed oral storytelling but I began to write and record stories as a means of comforting and connecting with my eldest two children while I spent extended periods in hospital with their brother Abdullah, may Al Lateef reunite us in Paradise.

I held my little piece of Jannah in one arm, my other hand rested on my laptop, and each time I asked myself, what do I want them to understand about their Lord, themselves and their role in this world? 

My Abdullah returned to his Lord almost three years after I first started writing stories with him, and we Praise Allah and Thank Him. You will hear his voice or the beeping of his SATs machine in the background of my earlier stories. Perhaps I am not alone in feeling his absence in every story after them.

So why keep writing?

One of my children, by the Kindness, Wisdom and Love of our Lord has achieved Eternal Success. But my responsibility to help his brothers do so, only with the Guidance and Mercy of our Lord, still continues. As does the responsibility I feel on my head for every Muslim child who is living in a society that constantly tells them success is found in this world alone.

Our children are not something we’ve earned or deserve. Their souls have been connected to ours through Divine Wisdom and out of gratitude for such gifts we seek to raise them for eternal success.

As a home educator, just as in every other area of my life, the Qur’an is our curriculum, our guide and our connection to our true purpose and pursuit of eternal success. I developed these stories, lesson plans and activities to bring the Qur’an to life in the hearts and minds of our growing treasures. 

We hope our lessons will help with developing an appreciation for the meaning and purpose of the message, as well as aiding memorisation, understanding of Arabic, critical thinking and above all developing the characteristics of a person who truly lives a Qur’anic life, following the blessed footsteps of our beloved Rasul salliAllahu alayhi wa sallam.

All good is from Allah Almighty and any faults are from ourselves and shaytaan. We ask your forgiveness and advice on our shortcomings.

And Allah (SWT) knows best.

If you would like to learn more about our Abdullah and the many lessons he shared with us, please read here:

Or watch here:

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