Eternal Success Syllabus

Al Fatiha – Part 3

Use a weighing scale to visualise the weighing of deeds on the day of Judgement.

As Ar Rahmaan and Ar Raheem have been covered in the first lesson, you may use this opportunity to revise examples of Allah’s Kindness in the Universe and to us as Muslims.

These lesson plans are designed for groups but can be done with individual children.

For a single child to do independently they can listen to the below audio and complete the journaling pages on their own. They will need to be comfortable reading and writing so we recommend 6+.

They will need:

  1. Printed journaling sheet (reader Page 1)
  2.  Hanger
  3. 2 pieces of string around 15cm long
  4. 2 bags (paper/gift works best)
  5. Paper/objects/building blocks or letter magnets
  6. Pencil, rubber
  7. Glue
  8. Printed and cut out good deed cards from

Or 3x4cm paper cut outs for them to make their own good deed cards

For SEN or Early Years groups you can download the below journaling page. We recommend adding photos using a polaroid or other camera of the children doing one of the signs for the verse.