Eternal Success Syllabus

Allah is with the patient

“Indeed, Allah is with the patient”


Sumayyah and Haajar were crouching behind a low fence on the edge of a corn field. On the other side of the fence was a field filled with luscious grass which a small group of horses were grazing on.

“Look,” whispered Sumayyah to her sister, pointing towards a graceful brown horse. “It’s limping.”

“No!” replied Haajar. “I told you his name is Sabr! Not Limping!”

Sumayyah laughed. “Yes sorry, Sabr is struggling to walk. He looks like he is in pain.”

The girls watched as the huge handsome horse struggled to walk across to a new patch of grass. Another horse was approaching Sabr, it was white with some unique black marks on his back and around his eyes. The two horses touched noses and then the white horse bent down to lick the other’s poorly leg.

“Awww,” said Haajar. “His friend is asking if he is ok.”

“We need to do something,” said Sumayyah firmly. “Let’s go ask Baba if he will speak to the farmer with us.”

Half an hour later they had walked back to their house to look for their father. It was beginning to rain heavily and they knew they would struggle to get back to the farm without transport. They explained the situation to him and he agreed to drive them up to the farm to see if they could do anything to help the injured horse.

“But first, I need to make wudhu and pray Dhuhr. So you can make yourselves a drink while you are waiting.”

“But Baba! We have to go right now!” cried out Haajar in desperation.

“It’s okay,” her sister comforted her.

Indeed Allah is with the patient. Allah is the one who can help the horse get better so we need to be patient so that we can ask for Allah’s help.”

“Inna? What does inna mean?”

“Inna is Allah making sure we know He is serious. It means indeed or definitely. There is absolutely no doubt that when we are patient, Allah is with us! How cool is that?”

The two girls made themselves a mug of warm milk with honey to share before making wudhu and joining their father to pray.

Sumayyah started putting on her shoes ready to go to the farm but Haajar stopped her.

“I think we should just wait and see if he gets better, or the farmer realises himself. Right? Because you said:

Indeed Allah is with the patient.”

Sumayyah smiled at her little sister’s logic. “It’s so good that you trust Allah to help, but sabr doesn’t mean that we do nothing. Sabr means that we stop our heart from losing hope! We hold our tongue from complaining about Allah and we do not use our bodies to do anything that Allah wouldn’t like. But we work to try solve the situation, seek advice and Allah’s help and…Haajar? Where has she gone?”

Sumayyah heard a loud beep and saw Haajar waving at her from the car outside. She ran out to join her sister and father, excited to get to the farm and help their beloved horse.

However, as soon as the engine switched on it spluttered and turned off straight away.

The girls watched as their father opened the bonnet to a cloud of smoke and they went to go wait inside as he spoke to his friend, who was a mechanic, on the phone.

“How long has it been since we left Sabr in that field?” Sumayyah wondered out loud.

“Baji remember!

Indeed Allah is with the patient.

Don’t lose hope. Hold your tongue. And let’s try see what else we can do.”

“Hmm…” wondered Sumayyah. “I know! Mama has a bus timetable in her bedroom! Let’s go see when the next bus is that will take us towards the farm!”

The girls ran excitedly upstairs and became so busy looking at the bus maps and figuring out what time the next bus would arrive, that a whole half an hour went by so fast. They only stopped their task when their father came into the room.

“Alhammdulillah. Uncle Ja’far said it will take a couple of days for him to fix. He will come pick it up after Maghrib inshaAllah.”

“Alhammdulillah. It’s okay Baba. We actually found out that there is a bus that will leave from the main road outside our house in 15 minutes and take us to the farm. Please could we get on that with you?” asked Sumayyah.

Their father was stunned for a moment by how positive and resourceful his daughters had been.

“Oh…okay! Of course! Let’s go then!”

Fifteen minutes later they were sat on the top of a double decker bus watching the city go by as they got closer and closer to the farm. All of a sudden there was a huge jolt as the bus stopped suddenly. The girls stood up to get a better view of what was happening.

Ahead of them was a huge truck with small windows which must have been carrying some livestock. Somehow one of the doors had opened and three sheep were running in between the cars as the anxious truck driver tried to round them up.

“Quick!” cried Haajar.

Indeed Allah is with the patient.

This means that we have to trust in Allah and do what we can. Let’s go catch some sheep!”

The three of them raced down the stairs and out of the bus. They mounted the pavement and looked around to spot the closest sheep. He was trying to squeeze behind a bin but struggling due to his thick winter coat. Haajar ran in front of him and Sumayyah came up behind him, so it was easy for their Baba to scoop him up and take him back to the truck.

The second sheep had climbed up onto a bench on the pavement and was bleating happily at everyone around them. The truck driver came running towards him but he just jumped down and started running again. Haajar and Sumayyah ran ahead of him and as he tried to rush between them, the truck driver caught up and managed to hold onto his back. But the sheep didn’t stop! He carried on running, dragging the poor man on the floor behind him. Immediately their Baba slid onto the floor, grabbed the sheep’s feet and brought him to a halt.

Before long the excitement was over and people opened their windows to cheer and beeped their car horns in gratitude as the sheep were all safely back in the truck and the doors were bolted tightly shut.

Sumayyah, Haajar and their father scurried back onto the bus in fits of laughter.

“Did you see that sheep run off with the man holding onto him? They are so funny!”

Eventually, they arrived at the farm and they said thank you to the bus driver before walking up the long track to the farmer’s house.

They knocked on the door and waited. But nobody answered.

They knocked again and then they heard a noise above. A window had opened and the farmer’s daughter, Khadijah was sticking her head out.

“Assalaamo’alaikum, is everything alright?” she called down.

“One of your horses looks injured!” replied Sumayyah. “We came to tell you so you can call a vet to check him.”

“Oh subhanAllah!” said Khadijah. “We are unwell and we need to rest, so the farmer next door is taking care of the animals today. He probably hasn’t gone out to see the horses yet. Please could you try find him?”

“No problem. Of course we will!” replied the girls.

Just then they heard a rumbling as a tractor drove down the track behind them.

“That must be the other farmer,” said their dad. They jumped up, shouting and waving at him but he didn’t notice them. They started running after the tractor but it was too fast to catch up to, so they stopped, breathless.

Sumayyah suddenly shouted out.

“Indeed Allah is with the patient.

We need to trust in Allah and do what we can! Let’s drive after him!”

So they bundled themselves back into the car and drove after the tractor. Eventually he stopped near the cow barns and got out of his tractor to see who was following him. They raced out of the car to explain the situation to him. He listened patiently before responding.

“Jazahkallahu kheiran! Thank you girls so much for your determination in helping the horse. I will go see him and call a vet right away.”

It wasn’t long before the girls were sharing some freshly picked blackberries as they sat on the fence, watching a vet tend to the injured horse. When she had finished she came up to the girls.

“You two did a very brave thing today mashaAllah. With your help I was able to treat him before his leg got infected. He must have caught it on a fence. It’s just a little cut but it could have got worse if I hadn’t cleaned it in time. Jazahkallahu kheirun. Your patient perseverance paid off!”

Haajar was so happy she leant back on the fence and almost fell off. Sumayyah quickly grabbed her just in time to stop her falling.

Together they smiled and said:

Indeed Allah is with the patient.”

Imam ash-Shawkani says when we read “Allah is with the patient,” know that when you embody the characteristic of patience, Allah is taking care of you in ways that you cannot even imagine, and that He is with you every step of the way.