Eternal Success Syllabus

Explorer Anisah

Assalaamo’alaikum, I am explorer Anisah and today I have a blind fold on! My friend is leading my cat Nusaybah and I to a special place and I have to figure out where I am and why it is important to Muslims to know about this place. Are you going to help me figure it out?

Ok alhammdulillah we’re here. I’m going to keep my blindfold on and just tell you what I can feel and hear first. Oh subhanAllah, it is so hot. I feel like there are no buildings or trees to shade me, the sun is just fiercely beating down on me here. The first thing I am going to do when I take off my blind fold is find some shade! I can’t hear anything. No cars, no people, nothing…it is very quiet here. 

Hmm…okay, bismillah. Let’s take the blind fold off.

SubhanAllah! This land is so barren. I can’t see many trees or plants. The ground is sandy and there are lots of rocks and wow…look at this mountain. I wonder which mountain it could be because there are a few mountains which are important to us as Muslims and…Nusaybah? Nusaybah where are you? My cat has gone missing! Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raj’un! Let’s try find her while we explore this place.

I see some footprints up ahead that look like hers. They’re leading up the side of the mountain. Let’s start climbing. Oh, it’s hard to climb in the heat. I wonder which Muslims had to climb up this mountain? 

Nusaybah! Nusaybah! Where is that cat? This looks like a bit of her brown fur on this rock. I hope she hasn’t got hurt. Aha! And up ahead it looks like there are some feathers, as though something might have caught a bird. I think if we follow the feathers we will find Nusaybah. Up and up the mountain we go and…

What’s this? A cave in the side of the mountain. Let’s have a look inside. What caves are important to Muslims? What cave could this be?

I think I know how to figure out which cave this is. Let’s get out our binoculars and compass. So if I look straight out of the cave…there is it! We’re facing in the direction of Masjid an Nabawi! So this had got to be the Cave of….Mount Uhud! We’re at Mount Uhud! This is where the Battle of Uhud took place! 

SubhanAllah. I found that climb so difficult and Talha ibn Zubair radiAllahu anhu climbed up here with the Messenger of Allah, salliAllahu alayhi wassallam on his back after he was injured in the battle. He broke his teeth trying to get out the metal of the helmet that had gone into the cheek of our Rasul salliAllahu alayhi wassallam. 


Nusaybah! She’s outside the cave. She’s climbed above it. I guess I’ll need to climb up higher too. Wow it’s hot up here subhanAllah. I feel like the sun is so close I can’t imagine how it will feel on the day of Judgement when Allah will bring it closer to the earth. 

Phew. Ok. Alhammdulillah. On the top of Mount Uhud. So this is where the archers stood. The archers who were told by our Prophet salliAllahu alayhi wassallam not to come down from the mountain until he commanded them to come down…but they got distracted by the worldly things the enemy had left on the battlefield. They thought they had almost won the battle. Most of them came down from this Mount Uhud to grab what they could from the battlefield. Khalid ibn Waleed radiAllahu anhu who wasn’t Muslim then, saw his chance to bring his army back around and then that was it, so many of the sahaba lost their lives as a result of the archers not following the command of the Prophet salliAllahu alayhi wassallam. 


Assalaamo’aikum Nusaybah. Come on. You can lead me down this mountain that 40 of the Muslim archers came down without the permission of the Prophet peace be upon him. What is that you have found? A stick? That stick reminds me of the spear that the slave Wahshi threw to kill Hamza ibn Abdul Mutallib, radiAllahu anhu, the uncle of the prophet. 

Alhammdulillah, we’re at the bottom of the mountain now. I’m looking up at Uhud, it is so magnificent and huge, it’s hard to imagine what a tragedy it witnessed.

Come on Nusaybah, let’s go back to the road so we can get home and get you some milk. I’m ready for some water as well. This is where the Muslims stood, on this battlefield, when they thought that the Prophet peace be upon him, had been killed, in the Battle of Uhud. But with Talha’s help and the help of many brave sahaba they were able to retreat. 

And you Nusaybah.

Do you know who you are named after?

The brave Nusaybah radiAllahu anha. When all the archers were on the mountain she was tending to wounded soldiers and giving them water. But when the archers came down and the non Muslims attacked them from behind. It was chaos! It must have been so overwhelming. But she rose to the challenge. She was brave and determined to do whatever she could to protect our Prophet salliAllahu alayhi wassalaam. She went forward, with her sword unsheathed and her bow in her hand,  and acted as a human shield to protect him from the enemy’s arrows. She stayed aware of any danger in any direction and rushed to protect him. And he, salliAllahu alayhi wassallam said of her afterwards, “Wherever I turned, to the left or the right, I saw her fighting for me.”

Allah please make us brave like Nusaybah even if we have to stand on our own and let us be like the archers who stayed on the mountain and obeyed the Prophet even when the beautiful things in dunya tempted them.