Eternal Success Syllabus

The Adventure Ambulance

There once was an ambulance that helped those in need. But the adventure ambulance was very unique indeed. It had two floors, not one, and a trailer at the back. It had huge monster truck wheels to brave any track. If you climbed up a ladder to the rear of the vehicle you would arrive up in an area much less medical. A kitchen and library built by the family. It made it easy to travel and help others rapidly. If you entered the trailer attached from behind, you would find a home with beds and privacy blinds.

This wonderful ambulance was made by a man, along with his wife, three children and their gran. Together they travelled all over the world, to help those in need, every boy, every girl. They would sleep in the trailer attached at the back, cook in the kitchen or just pop in for a snack. The middle son Hamza would reach for a book whenever he couldn’t decide what to cook. The eldest son Umar was in charge of the map. He would plan their routes, where to get fuel or to nap. The youngest Abdullah, was rather unique, he brought smiles everywhere without needing to speak. Their Baba the doctor, their mama the teacher and their gran who had ideas for anything in reach of her.

Sometimes they got tired, sometimes it was hard, to be patient with people and travel to far. Sometimes they got lost, or made some mistakes but they helped each other keep up the pace.

“Assalaamo’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu!” their father would greet them each morning.

“Let’s make wudhu, pray together, that’s enough yawning!”

They would find a masjid, a field or a receive an invite, from a kind hearted person who had them in sight. In Turkey they arrived just after the earthquake, to help the injured, unite families, cook and bake. In Pakistan they hurried, when they heard of the flood. Umar mapped out the route, Hamza cooked what he could. They handed out blankets. They gave out medication. Abdullah made people smile in every location. In Sudan they found children with nowhere to go. They travelled together with them till they were no longer alone. In Morocco they picked up a hammer and shovel, to help people dig through the mountains of rubble.

Today as they drove the ambulance was hushed. No laughing children were tenderly shushed. Instead as they sat they each made duaa, for their brothers and sisters being tested afar. They thought of the families, just like them, who no one in power had moved to defend. They thought of the young boys once playing with their friends. Now so alone not knowing when the bombs would end. They thought of the hunger, the grief and the fear, as every second Gaza drew near.

Today they were travelling to Gaza. To Palestine. The home of Al Aqsa. The birthplace of Sulaiman, Eesa, Yusuf and Yaqub alayhum Salaam. Once governed by Dawud alayhis Salaam. Visited by Ibrahim alayhis Salaam and many more. A ground once walked on by Maryam alayhaa Salaam. The land where our beloved Rasul salli Allahu alayhi wa sallam lead all the Prophets in salaah.

Today they travelled with heavy hearts to know injustice was spreading where rivers should flow.

“Remember,” said their mother. “Allah, Al Baseer As Sami’, Sees and Hears all, He knows what we don’t know. His plan is Always full of wisdom.”

They arrived at the border and waited in Egypt in a long queue of vehicles stretching across the district. Trucks filled with food, medicine, clothes and more. Ambulances and aid vehicles arriving after and before. Their Baba turned off the engine and they all stepped out, opening the ramp at the back to let Abdullah’s wheelchair down. The family stood in the heat and called out to Allah: “Let us come together to seek Your Pleasure, let us unite and be strong so we can end all this wrong. Guide us to that which will bring the ummah Your Help and Victory. We know Your help is near Al Azeez. We know your plan is complete.”

Hamza climbed up the ladder to cook a large meal to share with the others waiting like them. Umar asked questions and got ideas about the best ways to get through. Their baba checked his medications and machines were working well, while their mama and grandma contacted whoever they could tell. They shared photos and videos, sent messages far, so the world could see the Gazans were being starved.

“Tell the world, the people need to know every lie, because most people believe in truth and justice like you and I,” their baba said firmly, as he spoke to the others who had made the same journey.

The Adventure Ambulance waited for weeks, the queue barely moved but they continued to speak. They continued to hope. They continued to pray. When they found themselves reaching the border one day. The soldiers that came had no smiles or gentle words. They searched every part of the ambulance and trailer. They unhooked their home from the back, and said if they wanted to go they must enter like that. So they drove into Rafah, their home left behind. Their beds now were empty, no one to open the blinds.

They drove in and saw the people on mass who had lost their homes and tried to escape the bombs and the gas. They all looked so tired and yet seemed so brave.

“Baba,” Hamza whispered. He was the first to speak. “I feel really scared. What if we can’t help many of the people out there?”

“It’s okay to be scared,” replied his father, as he found a place to stop. “You can be scared and brave at the same time.”

“Really?” asked Umar. “How can you be scared and brave at the same time?”

“Well, when Musa and Harun alayhuma salaam were told by Allah to go to the terrible tyrant Fir’awn, who lived not far from here, they were scared. They said to Allah “Our Lord we are scared!” because they were worried that this terrible powerful oppressor would hurt them or do something terrible. They told Allah they were feeling scared and Allah responded to them they He was with with them, Seeing and Hearing everything and then He told them what they had to do so that they would be brave and focus on the mission.”

“Wow. Musa alayhis Salaam was scared baba? Then it’s ok for me to feel scared and I will ask Allah to help me feel brave too.”

Just then the engine stopped and together they got down and greeted those around them with salaams. Hamza rolled up his sleeves to start cooking, Umar walked around talking to people to see how they could help the most and Abdullah was surrounded by children who he entertained with his smiles and games. Their baba set to work treating the injured with their grandma and mama helping and advising people on how best to look after their injuries to prevent them from getting worse.

The Adventure Ambulance spent two weeks in Rafah. They slept under the stars with the amazing people around them who had endured so much.

“Mama,” said Hamza on their last day there, “I know we came here to help our brothers and sisters but I feel like they helped us more. They reminded us that victory comes only through truly worshipping Allah and focussing on His commands instead of what we want in this life. They reminded us of the importance of the rope and the map – the Qur’an and the life of our Prophet salli Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And how Islam really solves every manmade problem with Allah’s Perfect Wisdom and not human beings imperfect ideas.”

Abdullah nodded in agreement as they drove back to attach their caravan on again. However it was nowhere to be found. They searched all over where they had parked it but their familiar green home was nowhere to be seen. They spread out to ask those still waiting in the queue if they had seen it but nobody knew. Eventually as it began to grow dark, Umar pulled out a map as Abdullah’s torch shone out from his chair. “Okay, the nearest masjid is just 1 mile from here,” he told them. “Let’s sleep there and make a plan in the morning.”

They slept in the masjid and in the morning they tried again to look for their beloved caravan. Still, no one seemed to have seen it. Many of the trucks that had been near them in the queue appeared to have left. Hamza raised his hands in duaa, “Oh my Allah, You are All Seeing, All Hearing, You know where our home is. If it good for us to find it, please let us find it soon. If it is better for us not to, let us be patient and grateful to You.”

Just then they saw a white ambulance approaching them rapidly. One of the drivers got out and came running up to them. “Assalaamo’alaikum, is your’s the green caravan?” he asked hurriedly.

“Yes yes, that’s ours,” they replied eagerly.

The man took out his phone to call someone and told them to wait where they were. They stayed there for an hour, then two.

Just as the adhaan for dhuhr sounded they saw something familiar approaching them from the distance. A different ambulance was pulling their trailer towards them. It has been painted with a fresh coat of paint and, the driver told them, cleaned inside and loaded with food and supplies for their journey.

“A gift and a thank you from us,” he told their father, shaking his hand.

There once was an ambulance that helped those in need. But the adventure ambulance was very unique indeed.