Eternal Success Syllabus

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General Stories

An everlasting gift

Sumayyah’s hands were tired. She had been crocheting a bookmark for her friend and found herself determined to keep going till she had finished. She ...
General Stories

The Adventure Ambulance

There once was an ambulance that helped those in need. But the adventure ambulance was very unique indeed. It had two floors, not one, and ...
General Stories

Yusra’s amazing mistakes

The cake in the window looked like it would taste of everything sweet and wonderful Yusra could ever imagine. The bright decorations and colourful flowers ...
General Stories

The rope and the map

A story for Palestine The Zoom screen stayed empty. Umar was still the only participant. It had been 12  minutes already, but he stayed glued ...
General Stories

Prophets 1-7

Aadam was trying to fix his jetpack because it had broken when he tried to fly over the garage. It had knocked against a lamp ...
General Stories

Yusuf’s Passwords

It was a bright jumu’ah morning and Yusuf was swinging happily on his swing in the park when he heard something interesting. (Phone rings) He ...