Eternal Success Syllabus

Yusuf’s Passwords

It was a bright jumu’ah morning and Yusuf was swinging happily on his swing in the park when he heard something interesting. (Phone rings) He slid his hand up the chains which he had been holding on to where there was a special holder he had built for his grey and black phone.

“Assalaamo’alaikum,” he said, answering the call.

“Wa alaikum assalaam,” said his aunty. “Yusuf, I need your help! I got a laptop for my friend and she wants a password for it but I don’t know how to set passwords. Please can you come?”

“I’ll be right there,” replied Yusuf eagerly and sure enough, within fifteen minutes he was sat in his aunty’s kitchen with a large cuboid box in front of him. He felt the pointed corners of the box and carefully began to open it up and slide the laptop out. It was heavy and as he ran his hands over the top it felt smooth.

“Bismillahir rahmaan iraheem,” he said before opening it slowly. He smiled as he pressed the button to turn it on. Whenever he saw a laptop turn on straight away he liked to think about how Allah says:

Whenever He wills a thing, He just commands it “Be” and it is. (36:82)

It was amazing to think how just by saying Kun, Allah could have created this incredibly universe and everything in it.

Yusuf then got to work setting up a password for his aunty. “The password is Kunfayaqoon, make sure you don’t forget it,” he told her as he left the house.

The next day he was swinging on his swing again, watching a bird collect twigs to make a nest, when he heard his phone ringing again.

“Assalaamo’alaikum,” he said, answering it.

“Wa alaikumAssalaam,” replied his grandma. “Yusuf I need a new password for my computer, please could you come and make me one?”

“Not a problem!” replied Yusuf happily.

After he arrived at his grandma’s house, she showed him where the computer was but the keyboard was still in the box where she liked to keep it safe. He said bismillahirrahmaan irraheem carefully opened the box, took out the keyboard and connected it to the computer.

When he pressed the button to turn on the computer he thought about how amazing it was that Allah had just willed for there to be each and every person to come into this world and how unique each person and their situation is.

Whenever He wills a thing, He just commands it “Be” and it is. (36:82)

Then he got to work setting up another password. But he took a while deciding what the password should be. He decided to make it “Kunfayaqoon.”

A week later Yusuf was on the swing again when the park became incredibly busy. There were lots of children playing around him and lots of adults talking to him and Yusuf hurriedly pulled his phone out of the holder so he could leave the park.

“Hello!” called a lady to him as he hopped off the swing.

Yusuf didn’t always find it easy to speak to new people so he didn’t say anything back. The lady did not seem happy about this, as she watched him leaving the park quietly.

“Mama,” said her daughter gently. “I don’t think he was being rude. I think for some children and even adults it can be quite overwhelming meeting new people or responding to people the way we expect them to. He probably just saw the situation differently to how you and I see it.”

Yusuf missed the swing and the missed how safe he had felt when it was quiet in the park. When he got home he felt a wave of relief as the comfort of his surroundings washed over him.

Just then his phone rang again.

“Assalaamo’alaikum,” he said.

“Wa alaikumAssalaam , Yusuf, I’m so sorry but I’ve forgotten the password,” said his aunty.

“It’s Kunfayaqoon. It means Be and it is.”

“Oh ok jazahkallahu kheiran….”

When Yusuf put down the phone he went to the supermarket with his Mama. His favourite part was when they scanned the items they were going to buy. He found it amazing how the scanner picked up each item so quickly. It reminded him of how Allah just wills anything to happen and it happens.

Whenever He wills a thing, He just commands it “Be” and it is (36:82)

Yusuf liked to make the beeps with the machine but the man working in the supermarket didn’t seem to like this. He kept looking at Yusuf when he was making a beep sound. A young boy who was waiting before Yusuf and his mama noticed the man getting frustrated and he walked up to the counter.

“Have you ever had an itch you really wanted to scratch?” he asked the man.

“Excuse me?!” replied the man surprised.

“For some children, finding some sounds, lights and different textures they like is so important to them, it’s just like when you and I have an itchy nose and we scratch it. They just have a feeling and so they do what feels right. He’s not doing anything harmful. He’s just doing what feels good to him. Just because it’s not what we would do doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it.”

The next day Yusuf was excited to go to the park and sit on his favourite swing but when he got there he was shocked. Some workmen were there with a digger and there was a big sign which read “Dangerous! Children keep out!”

It was clear to Yusuf that he would not be able to sit on his favourite swing and he felt very upset about this. He didn’t know what to do to help himself calm down so he found himself opening and closing the playground gate. After he had done this several times, one of the workmen climbed out of the digger and walked over to him. He didn’t get angry, he didn’t even look at what Yusuf was doing with the gate. He was patient and understanding and he said:

“I understand that you must be having some difficult feelings because the playground is closed. Would you like me to show you how many days it will be till it is open again?”

Yusuf looked at him silently.

The man got out a notepad and on it he drew four boxes. He showed them to Yusuf. “This is today,” he said, ticking one box. “Then if you tick one more box every time you wake up, when you have ticked the last box the playground should be free for you.”

He tore out a sheet from his notebook, folded it and tucked it through the gate and then he walked back to the digger.

When Yusuf felt a little calmer he took the paper out of the gate and walked home with it in his hand. His mama saw him bent over it that evening with a pen in his hand.

“What are you doing Yusuf?” she asked.

“I’m making a password box for my paper. Anyone who needs to unfold the paper has to say the correct password.”

“I think,” said his mama with a smile. “You are the password to my happiness dear Yusuf. I wouldn’t change a single thing about you even if there was a password that did that.”

Yusuf looked at his mum.

“Only Allah can change things straight away mama,” he said. “He just has to say kunfayaquun.”

Whenever He wills a thing, He just commands it “Be” and it is. (36:82)